Family who was treated for gum disease in North Wales, PA

Root Canal and Gum Disease Treatment in North Wales, PA

Let Howley & Basara Family Dentistry PC in North Wales, Pennsylvania, help save your teeth with a root canal treatment. Our dental office also treats gum disease with periodontal treatments.

Endodontic or Root Canal Treatment & Therapy

When a cavity has gone neglected for too long, it can cause damage to the dental pulp. If the pulp becomes diseased or damaged, root canal treatment becomes necessary in order to save the tooth.

Periodontal Treatments

Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. It has been estimated that many adults 35 and up have gum disease and do not even know it. Periodontal treatments are used to treat gum disease. It deep cleans your gums to help reverse the damage caused by gum disease. Periodontal treatments can even help you save your teeth. Various signs of gum disease include:

• Bleeding Gums When Brushing or Flossing
• Constant Bad Taste in Your Mouth
• Gums Appear Red and Swollen

• Loose Teeth (in Severe Cases)
• Tenderness of the Gums
• Chronic Bad Breath

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